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  • Consulting and design
  • Eye-catchy and functional solutions
  • Agile development / Scrum-teams outsourcing
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Services & Technology

Get your MVP (Minimum Viable Product) in short terms

Full-stack services — from assisting with initial UX research to building amazing web & mobile apps

  • Websites
    (Web Apps)

    Scalable, robust,
    secure web sites of any type
    and complexity.

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  • E-commerce

    Unique solutions
    from scratch, providing
    full-cycle services.

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  • Mobile Apps

    Rich experience in custom mobile apps development for iOS and Android.

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  • Technologies
    we use

    Coding expertise in Javascript (Vue.js)
    and PHP (Laravel Framework) paired
    with must-have soft skills.

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  • Popular CMS
    (Content Management Systems)

    We have created over 120 projects
    using Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla,
    VirtueMart and OpenCart

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  • Branding & Design

    web and mobile design.

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  • Digital Support

    remote support
    and quality assurance.

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  • Dedicated Teams

    UI/UX designers,
    software testers.

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Get your MVP (Minimum Viable Product) in short terms

Full-stack services — from assisting with initial UX research to building amazing web & mobile apps

How We Work

  • A dedicated scrum team is a group of developers that work on a specific project. They are usually assembled with the skill set needed to complete the project.

    When you have your own team, you have more control over the time and tasks allocated to each developer. It also helps when you need to scale quickly for a specific project.

  • Remote developers are becoming more and more popular in the software development industry. They are often used by companies that need to optimize development costs.

    But they are not just cheaper, they also have an edge over their onshore counterparts when it comes to creativity and innovation.

  • Project management is an integral part of any business. It is a process that involves monitoring and controlling the work of the team to ensure that all tasks are completed on time and within budget.

    Our project managers have different levels of responsibility depending on the project, but they all have huge experience at budget planning, managing deadlines, and making sure there’s enough time for revisions.

  • As a technology company we design and create stunning, interactive and user-friendly websites and apps. We provide a range of services with a focus on UX/UI, Web and Mobile Design. With our qualified team of designers and developers, we can create your website or app in any platform you need.

  • The web and mobile development process starts with an idea for a product or service that needs to be developed into a tangible product or service. This idea will then be prototyped in order to get feedback on the viability of the idea before moving on to more costly stages in the process.

    The MVP (minimum viable product) phase will typically include just enough features to test whether there’s a market for the product or service, while proof-of-concepts are often used as a way for startups.

  • Quality assurance is an important aspect of any project. It ensures that the quality of a product or service meets customer expectations and it can be used to find errors in the system. There are many different types of testing that can be done, but they all serve one purpose — to ensure that your product or service meets customer expectations.


At Insky, we are problem solvers above all and we love new challenges. We evolve together with our clients and partners.

50+professionals in Riga,
Amsterdam and Valencia

  • Dmitry Kuchinsky

    Dmitry Kuchinsky

    Chief Executive Officer at Insky Riga

    I believe that the future is digital. That is why we have a sense of belonging to every project we work on.

  • Kristina Sondore

    Kristina Sondore

    Business analyst Riga

    We are not just another software development company, we are a family.

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